what to expect for

Your First Ride

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to sign up for a class! Here are some tips to make your first visit to the studio a breeze.

Ps — don't worry if you’re nervous, we all have to start somewhere! Joywheel is geared for all fitness levels and our instructors will help tailor the workout to your capabilities. Before you know it, you will be addicted and ready for more!



Come early! Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early to the studio. Let the instructor know it’s your first time, they’ll give you a tour and a full run down of the Joywheel experience. They’ll ask you to sign a short waiver, but you can also do this online ahead of time.

Doors will lock once class has begun, so make sure you get there early! This is not a workout where you can arrive late and try to casually sneak in the back. Please be respectful of your fellow riders and arrive early so we can all start on time.

We recommend hydrating well before class and making sure you pack socks and a water bottle. Bottled water is also available for purchase should you forget to bring your own.

Ladies, we recommend wearing leggings instead of short shorts, trust us! Biker shorts are also a good option if you want to wear shorts.

Men, we recommend wearing compression shorts under your shorts or sweats.


checking in

Upon arrival, check-in using the iPad kiosk at the front desk. If you’re dropping in and aren’t already signed up for a class, tell the instructor you’d like to join the class. They’ll get you registered and ready to go.

We have you covered with complimentary clip-in shoes for every ride! After checking in you will grab your size from the front desk and we’ll teach you how to clip into the bikes. If you want to bring your own shoes, all of our bikes accommodate SPD cleats.

For your convenience, we have digital lockers available to keep your stuff safe while you're in class! We ask that you leave all belongings (yes, even your phone!) in the lockers during class to keep your mind free of digital distractions. We encourage snapping all your social media posts after class!


Setting up

Our team is here to ensure your first ride is motivating, hassle-free and memorable. They’ll help you get set up on your bike by showing you how to clip in and how to adjust the bike to fit you best. We do have an arms portion during the class so be sure to check that you have the right size of dumbbells on the back of your bike.

Once you’re settled into your bike, try exploring your personal console. Our consoles measures wattage, RPM and calories. Your instructor will use these numbers throughout class for the ultimate workout! If numbers aren’t your thing, feel free to ignore their suggestions and just ride.

Then it’s time to start warming up and getting ready to experience your new favorite workout. Leave your worries (and your phone!) outside.


Post ride

After your ride check your inbox for your performance summary email. This will be a detailed report of your individual metrics that allows you to track your progress over time as you get stronger and faster. Use this data to set goals for your next ride.

Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the remainder of the day. If you experience any unusual or persistent symptoms after your ride, we recommend consulting a medical professional.

We can’t wait to see you back at the studio! Sign up for your next ride and bring a friend!



Your safety during class is extremely important to us! Early arrival ensures that our knowledgeable staff is able to help you find the proper settings on the bike to protect your knees and low back. Once clipped in, every bike has an emergency break. Push down on the black resistance knob in the center of the bike to stop the pedals from moving.

Take a moment before each ride to check in with your bike and your body. Make sure all the bike adjustment knobs are locked in and tight, and your shoes are securely clipped in. Throughout your ride, listen to your body! Drink water and participate at a level that is safe and right for you. Our instructors will motivate and inspire you, but there is nobody judging you, so please listen to your body and work at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you have any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If there’s any questions as to whether or not you should be working out, please consult your doctor. If you experience any unusual symptoms after your ride, please don’t hesitate to seek medical attention.